Grave Adoption

We both adopted several graves on the American Cemeteries Ardennes and Henri-Chapelle in Belgium, Normandy in France and Margraten in The Netherlands. Also, Tjarco adopted a grave on the Dutch Cemetery Grebbeberg. This is the last resting place of Dutch soldiers who defended Holland on a hill named "De Grebbeberg".

Like mentioned on the homepage, it really is a honor to adopt a grave of one of these heroes. The liberated us and they deserve to be honored. But we also believe you should do it with dedication. Try to visit the cemeteries at least ones a year or make sure someone places flowers at the gravemarker.

Here are the adresses if you have an interest in adopting graves.

For adopting graves at Margraten cemetery in Holland
Email address for adopting graves at Henri-Chapelle and Ardennes in Belgium
For adopting graves at the Normandy cemetery in France for all information you want about adopting
Adopting on Dutch cemeteries



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